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Three coffee blends that will change your life. Enjoy.

Pour over coffee mug of "death by caffeine"

My husband and I hold our morning coffee time like a reverse morning meditation - waking up the brain instead of quieting it. The sounds and smell of coffee being freshly ground is one of life's simple pleasures. It is a happy day when we discover a new coffee roaster that preserves a dark roast, smooth coffee with hints of nut or chocolate. We find many coffees to taste burned and bitter (yes, I'm talking to you Starbucks) which seems like a waste of lovely coffee beans. A great cup of coffee does not need sweetener or flavored syrups - yuck. A fantastic cup of coffee doesn't need anything more than a touch of cream or just black. Living in the Portland, OR metro area, there are oh so many fantastic coffees to choose from so it's not without a little irony that we share our favorite coffee which is from Ketchikan, Alaska.

Many of our friends, neighbors and coworkers know that we love to share our favorite coffee often packaging holiday, birthday or thank you cards with packages of our favorite coffee. I recommend the two pack as a good deal. You will not want to run out once you get started!

Here are our three favorite coffees and the links to buy them from Amazon since they are not often found beyond the Pacific Northwest specialty grocery stores or Whole Foods. In the store a 1lb bag is about $13.95-$15.95. Amazon has them from $9.00 - $24.00. I linked some of the best deals I found there!

The price for two from Amazon is $22.43 is a good deal. We usually find Deadman's Reach at Whole Foods in the Portland, OR metro area. When traveling out to out of the area Whole Foods, I don't usually find it on the shelf. I was glad to find it offered by Amazon!

We discovered this coffee was a fantastic recovery drink after coming home from our first Spartan Race and needing to find the strength to BBQ with friends. I know coffee opens capillaries which maybe is why it was such a great recovery drink. Taken with a shot of tequila, it also can help with pain!

My favorite morning blend, I find it to be a less acidic than the other two blends. Love this with a dopel of heavy cream.

All three coffees in one package!

#gourmetcoffee #darkroast

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