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Chilean Backcountry Cat Skiing Adventure

Some adventures you see in a magazine (Powder Magazine), and you just gotta go. Skiing the back country of the Andes was THAT adventure. The drive up requires the rental of a 4WD truck on long road with zero services, many goats and icy switch backs with no snow plow. The treeless open high altitude and steep perfect snow with Mt. Aconcagua off in the distance was pretty amazing. About 3-4 runs per day is about all there is time for but every run is perfect.

The accommodations to stay in a 400 year old hacienda and vineyard was its own wonderful experience. Breakfast in a grand dining room, cards in the evening with hand blended Pisco sours and a long hot bath made for a welcome retreat after a day of back country powder. Highly recommend the journey.


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