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Converting Recessed Lighting: Try this.

Converting recessed lighting to a personalized custom look is easy. I increased the lighting above my small kitchen island to create rustic modern lighting decor in our kitchen and casual dining areas. Even better, I can change out the pendant light covers. They come in handblown glass, clear glass, or wire of many types and more making the center point of the kitchen easily changeable or any place you have a boring recessed light - custom.

You will need from The Home Depot: Recessed Light Converter, Pendant or light fixture of your choice to install (I dont recomend over 10 lbs). Electrical tape, electrical wire strippers (saves time), Drill bit 3/4 inc hex. Secure ladder and about 2 hours once you have everything you need (3 hours if your a new DIYer). I also suggest keeping a helper nearby to hand you items you will likely drop while trying to install overhead. Remember with any electric project to make sure you turn off the power at the fuse box to stay safe.

My sons room got brighter and more fun with this colorful light. He picked it out with me as a fun son/mom outing to Lowes.

#DIYLighting #Rusticmodern #edisonlighting

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