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An adventurous entrepreneur, Claire’s been a small business owner, SF technology start-up co-founder, venture capital accounting & operations manager and even helped launched a professional sports league that was on NBC for two seasons.  

For all the highs and lows of working life being a mom, stepmom, wife, family CFO, and advocate for her hearing impaired son has been and is the most rewarding and challenging.  

Originally from Northern California, Claire moved to the Portland Metro Area with her husband Jim and 6-year-old son three years ago to enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest and be closer to her step children (13 and 15 years old).  Here, this blended family enjoys skiing, hiking, Crossfit, cooking & baking gluten free, paleo meals and a ton of adventures big and small.

She draws inspiration from good stories, photography, design and from being outside.  The a deep belief and respect for the pursuit of dreams and best ideas sometimes gets her into trouble but more often leads her to try something unexpected and new.  Claire decided to create this blog to contain and share her life "hacks," DIY projects, favorite travel tips and adventures, educational resources,  delicious recipes as well as thoughts and fears on parenting and being a better human. 






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