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My Two Favorite Paleo Baked Good Recipes. Quick & Delightful!

Growing up, Sunday afternoons were bake day with my mom. Since we lived far from any grocery stores, making treats for our school lunches was part of of a weekly ritual. Choosing the recipe and testing it was a favorite process. For my own family and myself, I decided to find recipes that were lower in sugar, gluten free, higher in fiber and protein and delicious. After testing countless recipes from online resources, these are the top three recipes I use to make treats for my friends and family. Selected for their simplicity, quickness and deliciousness, they are in my opinion from some of the best Paleo baking websites out there. I return to these recipes so often they only take 25-35 minutes to make!

Banana Bread by Civilized Caveman Cooking

I make this bread recipe at least two or three times a month and have send loaves wrapped in parchment paper and ribbon as a gift to friends. Everyone loves the smell of fresh banana bread baking!

Vanilla Cupcake & Coconut Cream Frosting by Elana's Pantry

The photo below is how the cupcakes look after I made them. Only change I make in the the recipe is substitute agave for honey and I decrease the amount of sweetener by 1/2. The cupcakes and frosting still taste sweet and delicious.

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